Faculty of Science

Faculty Offices complex

Faculty offices complex is a block in the centre of the University which contains spaces mainly designed to be used as offices for faculties. Fifty full time professors are working in this faculty block. The primary purpose of the faculty offices is to provide a workplace and working environment primarily for scientific and academic consultations.

The Faculties of Biology (Genetics, Plant physiology and Microbiology), Biotechnology, Computer sciences, chemistry, and physics have central offices which co-ordinate activities across all of their departments. Trainees on a placement in a Faculty office will usually report direct to the Faculty Dean and will support other members of the team including the associate dean for Research affairs and associate dean for academic affairs as well as heads of the departments.

Faculty office is the first place which students may contact to discuss all queries or concerns related to their studies. Students can find their Faculty office early. Office staff can give advice about degree, majors and courses of students as well as admission requirements, academic transcripts, degree planning or audits or with any other academic matters.








Faculty Offices Complex