Faculty of Science

Laboratory Complex

Laboratory complex of faculty of science (3000 square meter) is one of the key elements of the Islamic Azad University - Kerman Branch. it consists of 33 laboratories that a large number of Bsc , Msc and PhD students are attending there for academic and research works under guaidances of full time and visiting professors. Laboratories within the complex carry out collaborative and independent research and development activities. This complex devides to the three parts as follows:


Part I) Department of Biology

(Biotechnology, Plant physiology, Microbiology)

(A) Educational labs:

1. Bacteriology

2. Mycology and parasitology

3. Genetics and molecular Biology

4. Botany

5. plant physiology

6. Animal physiology


(B) Research labs:

1. Microbiology lab (for Msc)

2.Microbiology lab (for PhD)

3. Genetics lab

4. Plant physiology lab

5. Mycology lab

6. Atomic force microscopy lab

7. Bioinformatics lab


Part II) Department of chemistry:

(A) Educational labs:

(B) Research labs:

Part III) Department of Physics:

(A) Educational labs:

(B) Research labs:


  Laboratory complex






Microbiology Lab 



Chemistry Lab