Faculty of Science

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Vision and Mission

The Faculty of Science at Islamic Azad University – Kerman Branch (IAUK) is a student-oriented science faculty where research and education are closely related. This faculty aims to conduct activities of the best class to understand, explain and improve our world. On the other hand our faculty aims to be prominent in Iran, leading in Asia and competitive globally across research with an international character.

The faculty is attractive to the students in chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, mathematics, and computing sciences in Iran as well as abroad, and guides them to participate in the scientific community. They are members of the scientific programs. Master’s and PhD students occupy significant positions.

Our Mission Statement

  • To create and effectively disseminate fundamental knowledge about science branches
  • To train students and future leaders, and educate the broader public in the basic and practical sciences
  • To integrate, synthesize, and apply scientific and engineering knowledge to world problems, such as
    • Soil and water pollution and bioremediation
    • the identification and mitigation of risks posed by chemical hazards