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Islamic Azad University (IAU)


  • On May 21, 1982, two years after the culmination of the Iranian Cultural Revolution, an initiative called the Islamic Azad University (IAU) was announced in the sermon of the Tehran Friday prayers by Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani; this particularly historical speech was the result of his consultations with Dr. Abdollah Jassbi, an Iranian academic and politician, for opening the university. The very first donation to the university was a contribution by the late Imam Khomeini (R.A.).

  • The first IAU entrance exam was held in February, 1983 with 32 thousand participants in Kerman, Tehran and seven other cities and almost three thousand students were accepted.

  • The degrees awarded to IAU graduates are independent and granted with the direct endorsement of the Islamic Azad University.

  • Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi is the president of Islamic Azad University (IAU) and Dr.Ali Akbar Velayati is the present chairman of the board of Trustees of IAU.


Dr.Tehranchi                Dr.Velayati


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*  IAU Achievements

1. The largest brick-and-mortar university in the world

2. Conservation of domestic funding within the borders

3. Training native experts with highly in-demand skills and know-how

4. Over a thousand student dormitories

5. Development of student counselling services at over 250 centers integrated with IAU branches

6. Focus on providing welfare services to students

*  IAU’s Honors

1. The 3rd university in the world in terms of the number of students

2. Five million graduates at different levels

3. 10 million square meters of indoor educational space

4. 70 thousand full-time and part-time faculty members and lecturers


Islamic Azad University - Kerman Branch (IAUK)



Aerial view of IAUK

  • Islamic Azad University of Kerman is a comprehensive unit with a greate position among all 46 different IAU branches. Dr. Hamdollah Manzari-Tavakoli is the vice chancellor of IAUK.


Dr. Hamdollah Manzari-Tavakoli

(Vice chancellor of IAUK)

  • This branch has 260 full time academic staff and 16960 students which study in 60 different fields. IAUK contains 52 buildings used as academic, research, adminstrative, cultural, hostel, restaurent, clinic and sport units. IAUK contains five faculties as Science, Medical Sciences, Nursing and midwifery,  Engineering, Architecture and Literature and social sciences. 


Faculty of Science in IAUK


  • In september 1982, first vice chancellor (Mohammad Reza Dorafshan Tabatabaii) was appointed. Pioneers in IAUK were 150 students studying in  two bachlor of science fields (mathematics and chemistry). Field of Microbiology was added to the previous Departments in september 1985 and after a few years, this development was completed by addition of computer sciences field.

  • In 1998, Faculty of science was approved with five Departments as Chemistry, Computer sciences, Mathematics, Microbiology and Physics. Right now, students can get admission for  bachlor, master and Ph.D. of the above mentioned fields.

  • (Academic complex, laboratory complex and faculty offices complex) are different parts of science faculty. Dr. Enayatollah Sheikhhoseini is the Dean of science and Dr. Moslem Malekshahi is associate Dean in Academics and research affairs, respectively.

  • Some other facilities prepared for students of the faculty of science are (library, canteen and coffee net, swimming pool, sport complex and gymkhana, amphitheater, clinic, park and garden).


Academic Complex




Laboratory Complex




Faculty offices Complex



Library of faculty of science





Yards around the faculty of science